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Is it time to replace your oil or natural gas

Is it time to replace your oil or natural gas

Do you need to replace your oil or natural gas furnace?

We’re here to help you find out! And, you can trust Love Effron for any furnace replacement services and repairs.

Your furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment, and one of the biggest investments, in your home. That’s why it’s important to know that your furnace is running efficiently and effectively. You need to know if your furnace needs to be repaired, or even replaced, to maintain your comfort and safety. An inefficient furnace can use large amounts of energy without effectively heating your home, and can even become unsafe and endanger indoor air quality.

How do you know when it’s time to consider getting a new furnace?

If you own an oil or natural gas furnace that is 12 years old or younger, and has been properly maintained, you shouldn’t need to think about replacing your unit yet. Instead, spend a bit of time and money improving the energy-efficiency of your home in other areas, and continue preforming regular, proper maintenance of your furnace to ensure it continues to last.

Furnace Replacement

“Warning Signs” of a failing furnace

It is important to know what warning signs may indicate that your furnace may be in disrepair. Don’t wait to find out until it’s too late; no one wants to find out their furnace is broken on a cold, snowy night. We have the information you need to make a wise decision. Below are some warning signs to look out for that can help you decide if it is time to replace your furnace. Not every one of these signs may apply to your furnace, but they are important to know.

  1. How old is your furnace?
    The average life expectancy of a furnace today is anywhere from 16-20 years old. If your furnace is nearing these ages, or that old, you should start thinking about a new furnace. Most people generally prefer to replace their furnace as a planned home improvement, rather than in an emergency situation when the furnace stops working. The typical lifespan of a warm air furnace varies based on its operating equipment, which makes it important to have the system serviced regularly by a qualified technician, who can assess its condition and make helpful recommendations.

  2. Are your energy bills going up?
    Rising energy costs may not be the only reason for higher energy bills. Furnaces can lose efficiency with age, particularly if they have not been properly maintained. If that happens, your furnace may need to run longer to provide the same amount of heat, causing your energy bills to rise. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a new, more energy-efficient and energy saving furnace than giving money to the utility companies every month?

  3. Have you had any furnace repairs in the past 2 years?
    As a furnace ages, it may start to break down pretty quickly. You may find yourself replacing parts on a yearly basis. Soon, you might be spending hundreds of dollars just to keep your old furnace running. Most furnace breakdowns occur during the last 2 years of the equipment’s life. And, as your furnace ages, it can get harder and harder to source replacement parts.

  4. Furnace Sounds
  5. Does your thermostat keep you comfortable?
    Are some of the rooms in your home too warm, while others can’t get warm quickly enough? This may be a sign that your furnace is no longer distributing air efficiently.

  6. If you have a natural gas furnace, is the burner flame yellow?
    Any heating system runs the risk of carbon monoxide emissions. But most old chimney-vented oil-fired furnaces don’t face the same risks as newer furnaces, because they are much less likely to produce carbon monoxide. With regular annual maintenance and cleaning from a qualified service technician, these tanks can run safely and reliably for decades. If you do own a natural gas or propane furnace, a yellow or flickering burner flame may be a sign of carbon monoxide emissions. Other possible signs of carbon monoxide include…
    1. Streaks of soot around furnace
    2. Absence of upward draft in your chimney
    3. Excess moisture on windows, walls, or other cold surfaces
    4. Excessive rusting on flue pipes, other pipe connections, or appliance jacks
    5. Small amounts of water leaking from the base of the chimney, vent, or flue pipe
    6. Rust on the portion of the vent pipe visible outside
    Always be mindful and monitor your furnace for any of the signs above, and even more importantly, make sure there is a carbon monoxide meter on each floor of your home!

  7. How have you and your family been feeling?
    Furnaces may develop cracks in the heat exchanger as they age, which can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into your home undetected. Are you or your family are experiencing frequent headaches, a burning feeling in your nose or eyes, nausea, disorientation, or flu-like symptoms? These could all be signs of a carbon monoxide leak. Immediately open some windows to air out your home, and call a service technician.

  8. Is your furnace making weird noises?
    Have you started to hear banging, popping, rattling or squealing noises coming from your furnace? Does your furnace blower run excessively, or blow cold air, or even turn off and on randomly? These could all be signs that your furnace may need to be replaced.

  9. Is your house dry or dusty?
    Old furnaces may lack the ability to sufficiently moisturize and clean the air in your home, leaving it feeling stale and stuffy. Does one of your family members suffer from an allergy to airborne dust, mold, pollen, or dander? Or is someone suffering from a consistently dry nose or throat, or dry skin? Other signs of a failing furnace may include frequent dust accumulation, static shocks, drooping plants, cracking furniture, or musical instruments that won’t stay in tune. These may seem trivial, but they could suggest that your furnace is not working properly. Call a Love Effron technician to have your furnace and ventilation assessed today!

Think you need a new furnace? It may end up saving you money!

We all know that a new furnace is a substantial cost involved with home ownership, but it also should be seen as a substantial long-term investment. The latest furnaces run much more efficiently than even those manufactured just 20 years ago! Even if it seems like a large short-term expense, a new energy-efficient furnace will likely save you money over the long-term by lowering your energy costs.

We’ve got furnaces that can help you save!

Installing a new home furnace or heating system from Love Effron will keep your family comfortable while improving the value of your home. Enjoy fast installation and professional training on your system, and qualified customers can take advantage of some of our great financing options.

Count on us for all of your furnace maintenance and repair needs.

The right service plan can make all the difference, whether you’re maintaining the furnace you have or protecting your investment in a new furnace. Love Effron’s multiple service contract and protection plan options provide the tune-up, repair and maintenance services that will keep your furnace running. Plus, we back them with around the clock support and service.

Think you need a new furnace? Have a Love Effron technician assess your current furnace!

Make sure your furnace is operating efficiently by scheduling a tune-up today!

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